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MREF Impact Fund Mission Statement
MREF Model: EaaS


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EaaS = Energy as a Service Model:

- prepaid, metered at each home

- MEDA buys electricity from MREF Power
for 200 mmk (about $0.13) per kWh

- MEDA re-sells the electricity to villagers
for 250 mmk (about $0.16) per kWh

- The distribution system/grid is owned
and operated by the local MEDA Association
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Generating Capacity: 400 kWh

Generation via hybrid solar / diesel system,
with automated regulator
that maximizes solar usage
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Estimated average project cost: 
US$ 750,000 for about 400 households

Distribution system - US$ 400,000
Generation system - US$ 250,000
Engineering / management - US$ 100,000
Cost per household: US$ 1,875
(average; economies of scale apply)
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Funding of project costs:
Public-Private partnership
National grant of up to 60% (US$ 450,000) 
- available through World Bank Fund
MREF and selected partners