MREA - The Association

We believe that working with the local community is the best way to bring electricity to the people.

Through MREA, we will help organize the local community in an association that will:

Operate the Generation and Distribution

The Association (ran by local community members) will manage the operation and distribution of electricity to best serve their unique community needs.

Collect payments from the residents

Payment collections will be handled by the Association to build trust with community members and to prevent micromanagement by MREF.

Act as sounding board for local development ideas

Electricity can bring many opportunities for development in other areas. By working closely with the association, MREF can understand what the community needs most and help them reach their goals.

Manage the association store for locals

MREF will provide any assistance needed to the local communities and the Association in running the store using our experience in business and operations.

About Us

We bring electricity and economic development to rural communities in Myanmar.